U.S. Representatives Head to Brighton Marine

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Brighton Marine had an eventful week last week as they welcomed Massachusetts Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley and Representative Kevin Honan to their campus, accompanied by a Recognition Ceremony to honor the newly appointed Boston Fire Department Chief, Patrick Ellis.

These two significant events brought the Allston/Brighton Veteran Community together and were spent in admiration and appreciation for those who have served our country.  

The Brighton Marine community was very excited to host Congresswoman Pressley and the afternoon was spent discussing mission-focused goals and services offered to Veterans. Pressley was inspired by Brighton Marine’s dedication to offering all necessary services to support and remain committed to aiding the local Veteran population.

“It was truly an honor to get the opportunity to have Ayanna Pressley on campus,” Director of Community and Government Relations, Daniel Cuddy said.  

Pressley serves as the U.S. Representative for Massachusetts’s 7th congressional district which includes the three northern quarters of Boston and other towns such as Chelsea, the majority of Cambridge, Milton, Everett, Randolph and Somerville. It was wonderful to engage with Pressley, a Veteran advocate, alongside Honan, an American State Legislator, who serves the 17th Suffolk district in the Massachusetts House of Representatives and lives in Brighton. Both Pressley and Honan expressed a deep sense of gratitude towards Brighton Marine’s efforts to provide many accessible resources for their residents and Veterans in the Brighton community. 

The patriotism did not stop there, the following day, Brighton Marine attended a ceremony on Union Street to recognize the newly appointed Boston Fire Department Chief, Patrick Ellis and dedicated two new American Flags in the U.S. Marine's name. The two flags were raised on the beautifully decorated Union Street to honor Ellis’s father, a U.S. Air Force Veteran and Chief of Boston’s Fire Department’s legacy. Alongside the recognition of Ellis, other recognitions were made including the recognition of the community leaders who decorated the street for years.  

The afternoon full of recognition and appreciation was celebrated by many members of the Allston/Brighton community. Boston Fire Department Commissioner Jack Dempsy, Boston Police Officers and others from the Boston Fire Department all attended the ceremony to honor the recognitions made in the Veteran Community. The breathtaking ceremony not only celebrated those who have served our country but celebrated the devotion and allegiance the community holds. 

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